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Arany Bárány Hotel*** Kezdőoldal - Arany Bárány Hotel***

Gastronomy - Brasserie

Our brasserie is offered mainly to lovers of home tastes, but our guests loving salads and savoury snacks can also find and choose from the typical foods of Őrség and Göcsej.

Our hand drawn beer are Heineken and Soproni, and in addition, light, brown, wheat and alcohol free bottled beers are also offered.

On working days, you can choose from three menus at favourable prices. Saturday would not be a problem with cooking, 2 menus and a child menu are offered to help the housewives. Our brasserie will be expanded from spring to autumn with a terrace for 20 facing to the city centre.

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From Monday to Sunday: Closed

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Tel: +36 92/550-046


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