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Arany Bárány Hotel*** Kezdőoldal - Arany Bárány Hotel***

The History of the hotel - Arany Bárány Hotel***

Arany Bárány Hotel***

As among the orders the Golden Wool order founded in 1429 is the most elegant – and only the most elegant inns were called GOLDEN SHEEP.

This name was assigned to the oldest inn of Zalaegerszeg built by the town’s then landowner, the bishop of Veszprém between 1750 and 1760. From 1755, the country town of „Zala Egerszeg” rented the inn from its landowner, and the inn become more and more frequently visited as the settlement becoming a county seat significantly increased the town’s incomes.

However, the increase of the turnover resulting from urbanisation and the booming of the social life the old building could hardly meet the demands despite several expansions. Therefore the old bishopric inn was demolished and the new two storey building was built in its still existing form in 1894. Its 30 rooms and inn were at the highest levels of the age, the majority of social events were held in the hall on the second level gaining a fame in a short time (today Winter Garden).

The hotel was expanded with a new wing in 1965. Currently, the majority of rooms are available in this part.

With continuous renovation, the investment was started in 2012 and the wellness and fitness division was constructed in the new building unit in the yard.

The Arany Bárány is one of the most popular catering units and accommodations in Zalaegerszeg. In its patinated building, the elegant rooms, restaurant and brasserie offer comfort to all guests in their original pomp.

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