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Arboretum of Csács

Those wishing to spend a few hours in the nature must visit the Arboretum of Csács. The Arboretum of Csácsbozsok and the Walk Forest are situated on 83 hectares along Highway 76 at the Eastern entry of Zalaegerszeg. Almost' all wood species of Hungary can be found on the area....

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Azalea valley

Alsóerdő is situated near the housing estate in the south-western part of the city. The park forest, which is an old forest of the city, is a traditionally favoured excursion place with an area of 228 hectares. One of its sight is the Azalea valle which attracts several thousands of visitors...

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Finnugoric Ethnic Park

In the Finno-Ugric Ethnic Park, the ways of living and articles of everyday use of our Finn, Hanti, Manysi and Mari language relatives are presented.

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Gébárti lake

The city's greatest artificial lake, Gébárti lake has been created by damming two small creeks north to Zalaegerszeg. Its landspaced environment offers a pleasant recreation to bathers, lovers of water sports and anglers. Walkways lead through the area around the lake, an open-air...

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House of Craftsmen

The activity house situated in a nice natural environment revives the world of froms and materials of folk building. The house contains potter, textile and wood-carving worshops, and a smith-shop is found on its yard.

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Hungarian Museum of Oil Industry

At the permanent open-air exhibition on 30,000 m 2 near the Museum of Villages of Göcsej in Zalaegerszeg, visitors can get familiar with the technical monumets of the hydrocarbon industry (mining, processing, transport), and in its permanent exhibition halls with the technological processes...

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Jesus Heart Franciscan Parish-Church

The neobaroque church built by József Mindszenty between 1925 and 1926 is called also as the memorial church of Blessed King Károly IV. The pulpit of the church was presented by Queen Zita to the parish.

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Mária Magdolna Parish-Church

The monumental baroque church was built by the land owner of Zalaegerszeg, Márton Padányi Bíró, bishop of Veszprém. Near the church, a statue was erected to remember József Mindszenty, archbishoo of Esztergom, who served as a parish-priest in the church for 25 years.

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Municipal Concert and Exhibition Room

The building raised as a Synagogue in 1904 is now the scene for periodic exhibitions, classical and light music concerts and events. The light penetrates into its inner space via coloures windowglasses, offering a specific atmosphere to the building.

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Museum of Göcsej

The legacy of Zsigmond Kisfaludy Strobl sculptor of Zala is exhibited in the Musem of Göcsej, and the 'Centres near Zala' permanent county history exhibition can be visited on the second level of the building.

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