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Wellness - Infra cabin

The infrared heat cabin emits infrared rays in the invisible light range. The skin softly and evenly warms up, the pores widen, the beams evenly  penetrate through the skin layer intensely saturated with blood vessels  to a depth of ca. 4 cm. There the beams transform into heat energy and distribute in the whole body via the blood flow. Blood circulation accelerates which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Metabolism intensifies, and excessive acidification reduces. The immune system activates.

In an infra sauna, only 80% of the sweat is water, cholesterol, lactic acid, fat surplus, heavy metals and accumulated chemicals are the remaining part. Up to 600 to 800 calories can be burnt with 30 to 40 minute treatment.

It has a strong sweat effect. It is well tolerable since the air temperature in the cabin is ca. 40-60 C°, therefore it it not loading.

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